Sign Language For Babies

Some time back a British expat web site designer living and working in France found my illustration portfolio online and asked me if I'd be interested in drawing some little animated babies for a client of his back in Britain.
What fun! Mais, oui!!
My sister-in-law is an interpreter for the hearing impaired and deaf community and I was somewhat familiar with the idea of teaching babies to sign before they could speak. Debra had done this with my nephews when they were little.

So, through the magic of the internet, I met the amazing Katie Mayne who has built a successful network of baby signing classes throughout Great Britain. You can learn more about Tiny Talk here.
Here is Harry, named for Ms. Mayne's son, who he resembles, apparently.

Click on him and you can see how he looks on a spinning globe on their website.
From the Tiny Talk website:
A right to communicate and to be understood. Our children have a right to communicate and to be understood. This then impacts on their self confidence, self esteem and happiness! At the same time it develops their language skills- both spoken and signed- and their understanding of the world around them. We also get to know our little ones much better too! It’s a win-win-win situation. Learn more about baby signing here.
The rest of the gang:

There are now TinyTalk baby signing classes all over the UK (as well as Ireland, United Arab Emirates and TinySign in Australia)- in fact, over 300!