People often ask...

how should i clean MY stonz jewelry?

My favorite way to clean SToNZ jewelry is to gently scrub with an old soft toothbrush and a bit of dish soap. This is an especially effective method to clean dirty sea glass. For silver, I suggest a jewelry cleaning cloth like this. Sterling silver will get shinier with frequent wear. If you like a more satin finish, you can order my buffing pads here. Be sure not to dip items with pearls into liquid jewelry cleaner that is not pearl-safe. If your SToNZ piece has oxidized darker areas, jewelry cleaning liquids might remove some of this intentional patina. Store silver in the air tight bag provided to retard tarnish.


what is sea glasS?

Sea glass or beach glass is broken glass that was thrown into the ocean or a large lake decades or even a century or more ago. Many years of natural tumbling by the surf, sand and stones gives the glass a smooth frosty surface. It has become more and more rare in recent years as glass bottles are replaced by plastic, and laws governing dumping trash into the water have been enacted. Some colors are more rare than others. SToNZ only uses authentic natural sea or beach glass, never artificially produced "sea glass."



For items over $250, if you want to put an item on layaway, send me a message and we can work out a payment plan. Please understand that by putting something on layaway you are committing to the purchase and that your deposit is non-refundable.


what if my stonz jewelry needs repair?

Thirty day repair warranty covers defective jewelry parts, but does not cover natural stone variations and mistreated products. Most SToNZ items are durable, but like any jewelry, should be treated with TLC! If your SToNZ jewelry breaks after the 30 day period, do get in touch with me. I'll fix it if I can!
I was once actually able to repair a heavy SToNZ bracelet that had been run over by cars on a highway! (But this is not something I hope to have to do again.)


do you take custom orders?

Sometimes. Send me a message and depending on what you need, and what my schedule looks like, I will let you know if I can take your request. On most custom orders, partial or full payment is required in advance.
I do have some listings that allow for customization. See the current listings here.


when should I expect to receive my order?

I am known for speedy turn around time. On custom orders, I will give you a time estimate. With finished items, I usually ship that day or the next business day. After that, it's up to the post office to get it there fast. If you must have it super quickly, select expedited shipping when placing your order.
SToNZ parcels are insured and include tracking information whenever possible.



Usually new items are featured on the SToNZ Instagram and Facebook accounts just before they are listed on Etsy. Customers who follow SToNZ there get the heads up and watch for the listing to go live, getting first dibs. If you want to know what's coming, follow SToNZ!



Yes! If you want complimentary gift wrap, be sure to let me know. I will include an air tight plastic bag, a velvet dust bag, a gift box with a SToNZ sticker and a pretty ribbon. I've even been known to make a free cute little customized birthday card as an enclosure, if you are having me ship directly to your giftee. After all, I was a greeting card illustrator in my former life!




Yes! Send me a message and let me know how much you want to spend. I will set up a listing for you with either an emailed or hard copy gift certificate to the SToNZ store.

SToNZ Gift Certificate Sample.jpg



Sorry, currently SToNZ is only available online here.
I try my best to accurately describe my jewelry, and provide photos that give a good idea of the scale, color and details. I am always happy to send you more photos, and answer any questions, and of course if you are unhappy with your order, let me know, and I will either replace it or return it to you and refund your purchase price, not including shipping fees. Your satisfaction is my primary goal! Most of my customers tell me that their purchase looks even better in person than it did in the photos.
And sorry, no studio visits. As much as I love my home studio, I value my privacy and do not have customers drop by. Odds are, I am in my work jammies, anyway. No one needs to see that.