Sanibel Island

So, we just got home from our latest beach adventure. Sanibel Island is home of some of the best shelling around- maybe in the world. Even if you aren't a "shell person" you will find yourself unable to resist bending down into the classic "Sanibel Stoop" position to pick up an incredible sea creature. (Don't take it home unless it's dead! No live shelling allowed!) Some years I find multitudes of lettered olives, lightning whelks and my favorites: shark's eyes. This year was a big year for star fish, scallops and anenomes. Oh, and barnacles! I have never been much of a Florida person, preferring the beaches and landscape of coastal Massachusetts and Maine, but the west coast of Florida is the next best thing. And certainly the weather is better in December. There was not a stone or pebble to be found, so I didn't collect much to add to my jewelry, but the gulf breeze, sunny days and the luxury of time to relax and take long beach walks was inspiring and rejuvenating. I won't be changing the name of my business to SHeLLZ any time soon, though!
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