Shoe Repair & More (Or Good for the Sole)

Today I picked up a pair of rehealed boots from the shoemaker.
The guy who runs the shop is young and friendly.
The place is called

“Tom’s Shoe Repair”

His dad, obviously born in Europe (Italy, I'd guess), is "retired" but still hangs out at the counter and tells jokes in his thickly accented English. He’s charming. I think he's Tom, for whom the shop is named.

He teases me.
Tries to give me a pair of mens’ Totes rather than my boots.
“What? You didn’t come here for these?”, he quips.
When I say, no, pointy black boots, he says how about these? Handing me the first pointy toed pair at hand.

Finally his son comes to the rescue and gets me my boots.

His dad asks how I like this weather. (It’s about 46° and raining)
I say, I don’t mind. It’s better than the snowstorm we had here Saturday.
He goes on about how every day that we are alive and breathing is a good day. Why don't people understand that?
His mother died when he was 2. His father when he was 12.
An hour before his father died he gave his son some advice:
• Only do things you can be proud of.
• If you don’t do things for other people you will never get anything in return.
• Appreciate every day.

By this time I am in tears. (I don't think that was his intention!)

It’s a good shoe repair shop. You get a lot for your money. It's worth the drive even if you aren't near Solon.

Get perfect new heels and some good solid advice as a bonus.
Map to Tom's