Upcycled T-Shirt Bags from zJayne

My Etsy Cleveland Team friend Jane Pierce is incredibly creative and spiritual. She does these way cool assemblages and altered art pieces, and I particularly love her upcycled grocery bags and pouches made from gently used t-shirts. (The small pouches are made from the sleeves! Nothing goes to waste here!) You can read more about zJayne on her blog. And there is tons of cool stuff to choose from in her etsy shop. She made me my very own custom SToNZ pouch wristlet! It has more Rolling Stones than beach stones in it this week...

And this is my favorite carry all bag made from a Cleveland t-shirt. I get a lot of comments on this one at the grocery store. Paper or plastic? No thanks!

Upcycled bag images used with permission of Jane Pierce
Fun pouch colors to choose from.
She makes a fun lunch bag size, too. And even golf club covers!
So far she has made and sold more than 500 upcycled bags.
Saves grocery bags AND old shirts from the landfill.
Go Jane!!