The Klezmer Nutcracker

If you are in the New York City area this week, you must check out my amazing cousin Ellen in this wonderful production of The Klezmer Nutcracker at the
Vital Theatre
2162 Broadway, 4th Fl. (at 76th St.)
(Playing now until January 3)
"In the end, Chanukah cannot compete with Christmas, nor should it. Still, Chanukah has become (for better or worse) an important holiday on the Jewish calendar, one that reinforces both unity and identity. The Klezmer Nutcracker has to spin on its own two feet. -Paulanne Simmons"
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The story: Sara is miserable at the family Chanukah party. But when mysterious Tante Miriam (played by the multitalented Ellen Kushner) arrives with the gift of a Golden Dreydl, everything changes. The Dreydl, an enchanted princess in disguise, whirls Sara away on an exciting adventure through a magical world. A delightful holiday tale for everyone, that weaves together threads of folklore and tradition with fantasy and humor.

Ellen Kushner is the host and writer of the award-winning national public radio show PRI's Sound & Spirit, hailed by Bill Moyers as "the best show on public radio!" With the band Shirim, she created the original radio version of The Golden Dreydl: a Klezmer "Nutcracker" for Chanukah (winner of a Gracie Allen Award). In 2007 The Golden Dreydl, was published, and in 2008 Vital Theater commissioned a full-scale theatrical version. Ellen Kushner is also a performance artist and award-winning fiction writer for teens and adults. A popular public speaker, she also teaches writing workshops all over the place. She currently lives in New York City. (but was raised here in Cleveland)
Go El!