r a e d u n n

How do I love the work of rae dunn?
Let me count the ways...
Everything this multi-talented artist touches is golden.
What better gift could you come up with for your valentine than this sweet little bag of earthenware hearts? (If MY valentine is reading this...consider this a hint. You have a month to prepare for the big day. Pal-enty of time my dear.)
let me count the ways.
©rae dunn

Take a look at Rae's inspiring website here.
It makes me want to take a road trip to San Francisco just to check out her studio in person.
A truly lovely blog ...
...sigh. It's a beautiful world in raeland!
(even her pup Wilma has her own blog!
©rae dunn
rae: won't you come over and redo my house?! my kitchen?! my studio!? my dog!?
(no offense, Morley)
images above used by permission of rae dunn • thanks rae!