Etsy Front Page Today

I missed it because I was at the doctor's office getting a
head cold diagnosed.
But my Pearly Whites Necklace made the
front page on Etsy today.
Kind of nice that it was curated by Etsy admin.
Made me feel a little better.
But this might make me feel a whole lot better.
Too bad I am getting so tired of maztoh ball soup!!
Seriously, I like the stuff...but enough already!
I am not complaining, though.
My brother-in-law did all of the cooking this year for Passover.
A real treat for me!
Joel's famous matzoh ball soup:

His mom would be so proud!

I just noticed he has multiple pairs of eyeglasses going on here.
And another reason to go to the Washington DC area this time of year:

See more of my flickr pics of the Bethesda cherry blossoms here.