Toss Me That Scarf, Will Ya?
Photo courtesy of Ashley Gerst
There just is something irresistible about wearable faux food.
I came upon this adorable shop on Etsy today and it happened to be the home of recent Cleveland Institute of Art graduate Ashley Gerst. Ashley's Etsy shop pineapplesauce is a riot.
How great is this Garden Salad scarf!?
Photo courtesy of Ashley Gerst
(Apparently she has access to some really mammoth zucchini.)
Or perhaps you have been looking for just the right hand knit egg!
Egg Magnet
Photo courtesy of Ashley Gerst
Yes you have. You just didn't know it! This is actually a fridge magnet. See? You DO need it!

We need to keep an eye on this Etsy seller...can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
Ashley can also be found here, on her amazing portfolio site.
for the smiles Ashley, and for allowing me to share your fun creations on my blog!