Working to turn disaster into opportunity

I have long been a fan of Michigan artisan John T. Unger who makes the most incredible fire bowls from recycled steel propane tanks.
The Big Bowl O Zen 37 inch Modern Steel Firebowl
Seriously. Don't you really really want one?!!!
Font O Fire 30 inch Diameter Slim Base Fire Pit
Well, a used car salesman has ripped off his designs (I know!? Come ON.)
and then had the gall to sue HIM to overturn his copyrights for his Artisanal Firebowls.
The legal fees could bankrupt John, but his attitude is so amazing (click here to read his article) that he's fighting back with creativity. He's taking the scrap metal from the already scrap metal he uses for his firebowls to make whimsical small sculptures he's calling Fire Imps. Purchasing one of these Fire Imps is one way you can help John pay for his expenses related to this disgusting lawsuit. Here's his article about the situation along with how you can help:

I hope you'll take a moment to check out his work and see if you might like a piece of his, or if you'll be moved enough to share the story with others.

I know I was.

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