Back To The Drawing Board

In 2004, Greg & Alex from the website design firm MyWebSpinners, (super-talented British expats who also run a gorgeous B&B in France) contacted me through an online portfolio site, asking me to draw some cartoon babies for a client.
Early sketches for baby "Harry"
The client was Katie, owner of Tiny Talk, an organization in the UK that holds classes for babies and their parents, teaching them simple sign language so that they can communicate before language skills develop.
Tiny Talk has been quite successful, and they have really grown over the years. From time to time Greg has come back to me for more artwork; little animated babies of different ethnicities, artwork for tote bags and other promotional materials.
Christmas Harry
It's been great fun. That little "green" Harry atop the spinning earth is a favorite of mine.
Toddler Harry
Gif Created on Make A Gif 
Recently Greg emailed to say that they were in the process of redesigning the Tiny Talk website and needed some illustrations of a few toys and objects to scatter around their baby "Harry".
Gif Created on Make A Gif
So I dusted off my drawing board and come up with a few new images for Tiny Talk.
So far Katie approves, so it looks like these latest drawings will be added to the new site. It's been fun working with these fantastic clients whom I have never met in person. (I hope to change that someday!)
©2011 TinyTalkUK

I love how we can conduct business across the sea; Greg & Alex in France, Katie in London. (Actually, I hear she approved the images from atop a Swiss Alp after reviewing them on her iPhone while on holiday with her family.)
Ah technology. Allowing freelancers around the world to work in their pajamas.
Just amazing.

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