Artsyism: Art for Autism

A backyard garden party with a purpose.
Autism affects 9 in 1000 children in the United States. Autism Speaks is a nonprofit organization that funds research into the causes, treatments and cure of autism. They provide support to parents to help autistic children gain social and communication care and become more self-sufficient.
The 4th annual ARTSYISM event to raise funds for Autism Speaks will be held Sunday July 17, 2011. SToNZ created this necklace for the event, and it will be raffled off at the backyard garden party. Forty Northeast Ohio artists will be there selling their work. There will be jewelry, paintings, accessories, clothing, glass, and plate creations. Some of the art has been made by autistic vendors. The food vendors will be selling gourmet sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, tea cakes, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Did you know that the great University Circle restaurant Club Isabella is back?! (Site of my first date with my husband of 25 years!) They will be whipping up the brunch at this party. Admission for brunch is $50, and general admission is $5.  Click here for more information or call Pia Beck at 216-385-5534, or reach her via email: Speaks. 
It's time to listen.