Making a Beach Stone Silver Chain Bracelet

I tried to take some process pics this morning as I worked on a new bracelet.
It's tough to work and shoot, and also tough to stop and take photos when you are in the middle of working. Managed to get some of the steps in pics to share here...
Selected a Lake Erie beach stone from my stash.
Cut a base for the bezel from 20 gauge sterling silver sheet with a jewelers saw
Wrapped bezel wire around the stone for size

Marked length for cutting
Used jewelers saw to cut bezel

soldered bezel using hard solder

Cleaned and filed bezel to prepare to solder to base

Soldered bezel to base plate with hard solder

Trimmed excess base, filed and sanded bezel cup until smooth

Um....OK, so I got caught up in my work and forgot to take photos for a bit! I had this great vintage curb chain bracelet and cut it apart, then soldered the bezel cup between the cuts. Cleaned up the whole thing with sanding pads and files. 

Set the stone in the bezel and used burnishers to tighten the bezel around the stone.
Sanded, polished....ready to wear!
Click here to see the bracelet in my Etsy store.