My new SToNZ model needs a name...

For months I have been on a quest to find an old dressmakers form on which to photograph SToNZ necklaces. I go to antique shows, estate sales and garage sales....and scour ebay and Etsy in search of the right mannequin. My favorites are usually French and range in price from $150 to $400. A bit out of my league.
Yesterday I was at an estate sale in a tiny home in Solon, Ohio. It was in the basement of this home where I discovered _________.   (She needs a name. Any ideas!?) 
And get this: she was just $5.00. Really! I am not kidding.
She was extended to her full height, so getting her into the Mini Cooper was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately a kind gentleman getting into his nearby car had some pliers with him and graciously offered to help me loosen a rusted wing nut so I could shorten the stand height.
So, doesn't she just look lovely with her SToNZ necklaces? Really, she needs a name. Help me out here.

Leave your ideas in the comment section below. The winner will get a 20% off coupon toward their next SToNZ purchase.