Many The Miles

A little story about my Many The Miles seaglass and beach stone necklace.

One day our 21 year old daughter asked us if we were familiar with singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles. Yeah, she knows what we like. We were instantly hooked on Sara's music. (She's a three time Grammy nominee, by the way) Have you seen her on the a capella competition show The Sing-Off? She's one of the judges. Adorable, smart, and oh so very talented.
So my husband is a bit of a musician himself, and one evening while I was working on a new necklace in my studio, he was playing one of our favorite Sara tunes on the piano upstairs.

The necklace turned out to measure more than 60" long and somehow the name "Many The Miles" just seemed to fit. So the necklace was named for Sara's tune. As you can see, there are tiny little silver tags scattered all around the necklace which I can stamp for customers if they ask me to.
A short time later the necklace was purchased through my Etsy shop by a lovely customer in Roumens, France. We'll call her Diane. (Because her name is Diane)  After much back and forth via email with Diane over how to ship the piece to her safely, she asked me where the inspiration for the name of the necklace came from. It seemed so appropriate as it would be traveling MANY the miles to get to her! I told her about the Sara Bareilles tune that gave the necklace it's name and sent her a link so she could listen. She loved it, and said it was the first she'd heard of this performer. What would she like stamped on the 12 little tags on her necklace? Yep. "Many the miles."
Perfect. Done.
Oh, and Sara, if you start to see a spike in your popularity in Roumens, France over the next few months, I think I should get a little of the credit for spreading the word.