My Grandmother's Wedding Dress

I remember the first time I saw it. It was 1985 and I was engaged to be married. Grandma Evelyn went to the back of her closet and took out her treasured wedding dress, thinking I might like to wear it for my special day.
Eve Kolinsky engagement portrait 1923
by Standford Studios
Although I adored the idea, (and the dress) it was discolored and fragile, and would never hold up to an evening of dancing and revelry. (Or even a gentle cleaning, for that matter.)
But she gave it to me that day and I have kept it safely stored away. 
Today I took out the dress and photographed it. Only one image survives of her wearing the dress. You can just make out the big pale pink silk satin bow at the hip.
Photo: Standford Studios
The date was June 24, 1924. It was the roaring twenties, and Eve wore the tea length dress and forehead hugging headpiece in true flapper style. The headpiece and veil are long gone. (I have a vague memory that she told me they were borrowed for the occasion.)

I believe she said that it was handmade of French lace. There are machine stitches holding it together, but every tiny snap up the side is hand sewn in place. It's so lovely.

Eve was 26 years old on her wedding day. She married a man named Bill (just like me) and she'd go on to have twins (just like me) but her life took a horrible turn when she became a widow when her children were just 5. She did not marry again for 32 years.
For her second wedding, she chose a tailored look. And gloves, of course.
Photo: Michael Nalley

She approved of my wedding gown even though I hadn't chosen to wear hers.

And can you guess what color her dress was that day? 

Yep. Pink.

Missing you, Grandma.