Recycled Silver Fork Tine Bracelet

I have been challenging myself to see how many new pieces of jewelry I can create using a couple of old sterling silver forks I picked up at an estate sale recently. Today I decided to do something with the 8 fork tines I had cut off of the forks. I filed down each end so it was smooth. Hammered it flat. Then hammered each tine into a loop and linked the loops together into a funky chain.
I added a nice sturdy swivel clasp to one end, and a length of cable chain links at the other end so that the bracelet could be sized to fit just about anyone.
Each tine link was soldered closed using hard solder for durability.
What the bracelet looked like after soldering, filing, sanding and oxidizing.
After polishing and buffing.
An unusual chunky heavy chain bracelet. Ready to list!