Creatures We Met on our Excellent Aussie Adventure

One of the exciting aspects of visiting the great land "down under" is being introduced to all sorts of creatures one would never otherwise meet, except perhaps in a zoo.
So here is a sampling of some critters we got up close and personal with on our trip to Australia in April.

Some closer than others.

Pelicans, Phillip Island
Albino Wallaby with Joey in pouch




Smiling Kangaroo  Photo credit: Linda Wirtshafter

Mama Wallaby with Joey in pouch

Blue "Fairy" Penguin



Tawny Frogmouth Owl

Feeding Wallabies

Lovely to meetcha, mate!

Conspiring Wallabies

Blue Penguin


More snacks please!

Tawny Frogmouth Owl

Always eating Eucalyptus. Or sleeping.

Say cheese!



Petting a Tawny Frogmouth Owl

Wallaby -  Who me?

sleeping dingo
Water Dragon

Water Dragon
Parrots on the veranda every morning in Noosa Heads, NSW
Big Fishie - Great Barrier Reef

Really big fishie photo bomb - Great Barrier Reef

Big fishie stalking scuba guy

Begging for snacks?

Kangaroos have an attitude.


I won't be swimming here!

Mud Crab and brave guy - Port Douglas
Moreton Bay Bugs in the grocery store
Never smile at a crocodile.

Lobster in the grocery store
Terrifying deadly big ass spider