Making copper and silver 143 I LOVE YOU charm necklaces from an old copper disk

I found this neat heavy copper disk at an estate sale some time ago and have had some fun cutting it up with a jeweler's saw. Here's what I made today.
This disk is just over 2mm thick. It's no easy feat to saw through this thing! I only broke one saw blade today. Not bad.
Four tags cut and filed smooth. Two hearts and two rectangles. Well, they're kind of rectangles. I like the imperfection of these shapes.
Soldering on sterling bails and loops.
Stamping with my great new SToNZ stamp.
Why didn't I get one of these made years ago!?
Two 143 necklaces finished and ready to list in my Etsy shop.
143 means I LOVE YOU. It's a texty shorthand thing.

I love you:
1 letter in I
4 letters in LOVE
3 letters in YOU

I'm thinking Mother's Day. I nice gift for Mom.
We're just a month out. Are you ready?