Lakeview Cemetery Cleveland, Ohio

Perhaps it was the beautiful weather, or maybe it was thoughts of my mom, gone now for 8 years, but something compelled me to visit Mayfield Cemetery this week to place a stone on my mom's grave.
I do this several times a year when I feel the need to talk to her. This week I decided to also pay a visit to the vast and idyllic Lakeview Cemetery right next door.
I had in mind that I wanted to go to President Garfield's tomb, which I had not visited since grade school. Little did I realize that he died on this date in 1881. Serendipitous.
There are also many other well known people buried at Lakeview, and I thought I'd see what I could find there. The Haserot Angel is a well known sculpture which as it turns out, was quite easy to locate. I did it all without a map. I'll have to go back as I missed many highlights.
Some of my photos from this visit. Enjoy.

Tiffany window, Wade Chapel

Tiffany mosaics, Wade Chapel