This Too Shall Pass

My sterling silver hand stamped This Too Shall Pass bracelets...still a SToNZ best seller.
Especially pertinent with the election looming, I think.
Also available in Spanish. (And in Hebrew by special order.)
גם זה יעבור
It is said that King Solomon was feeling blue so he asked his advisers to find him a ring he had seen in a dream.
"When I feel satisfied I’m afraid that it won’t last. And when I don’t, I am afraid my sorrow will go on forever. Find me the ring that will ease my suffering." Eventually an adviser met an old jeweler who carved into a simple gold band the Hebrew inscription "gam zeh ya’avor" – "this too shall pass." The adviser said, "Wear this ring always. Whatever happens, before you call it good or bad, touch this ring and read the inscription. That way, you will always be at peace." When the king received his ring and read the inscription his sorrows turned to joy and his joy to sorrows, and then both gave way to equanimity.